The national three peaks challenge consists of climbing the country’s three highest mountains: Mount Snowdon (Wales, 1085m), Scafell Pike (England, 978m) and 本 Nevis (Scotland, 1345m). Usually people attempt to complete the challenge within 24 hours, but as this was our first time as a group hiking we decided to spread the task over 2 days making it more enjoyable and allowing for time to take in the views.

我们的第一个要攀登的山脉是本尼维斯山(最高1345m),在我们于周六早上8.30开始旅程的前一天晚上,经过了数次神经放松之后。当我们出发‘Ben’ was covered in thick fog signalling how tricky this might be. After climbing the stone steps for what seemed like an eternity the path suddenly turns to snow. The amazing thing about 本 Nevis was the sudden difference in weather conditions. After ploughing through the snow we arrived at the top in just short of 3 hours, because of the thick fog and snow there was no reward view at the summit, and with temperatures around -10 we quickly took some photos of the old weather station ruin and began our descent back down. We landed back at the 本 Nevis visitor centre in 2.5 hours meaning our total journey time was 5.5 hours, not bad for four novice hikers.

经过6小时的车程并在湖区旅馆过夜后,名单上的下一个是英格兰最高峰Scafell Pike。天气优美,与威廉堡(本尼维斯山)的状况形成鲜明对比。向上的主要路线在瓦斯代尔(Wasdale)开始和结束,向上的Scafell Pike路线陡峭无情,您可以很快增加身高,很快就可以看到美丽的Wastwater湖。经过不到两个小时的挑战性争夺之后,我们设法登顶了。顶部是晴天,您可以看到湖区的各个角落。由于陡峭的下降,回落的路线使膝盖非常费力。我们设法在1.5小时内回到起点,因此总时间为3.5小时。

名单上的最后一座山是威尔士的斯诺登,经过5小时的车程,我们在晚上7点开始了口音。斯诺登(Snowdon)是一座主宰周围一切的山峰,与Scafell Pike不同,它周围还有其他类似大小的山脉。风景和周围风景如画,可能是三个山峰中最令人印象深刻的。日落之后我们到达山顶,景色很美。在山顶上庆祝啤酒之后,我们陷入了黑暗,我们的iPhone手电筒被证明是无价之宝!我们到达‘Pen-y-Pass’下降时间晚上11点的停车场需要我们2个小时,因此总时间为4个小时。


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